The Pilgrims

Hunting is definitely an American tradition and that tradition goes all the way back to the Native Americans, and of course they helped the pilgrims out with hunting techniques and pretty much all of guerilla warfare, and that is part of the reason why we even have the American country right now and we aren’t still controlled by England which is great because now America is the greatest country on earth because we used hunting techniques in war and we should never forget this because without this type of knowledge we probably wouldn’t be Americans and the entire landscape of the world would be very different if it weren’t for the hunting techniques of the Native Americans.

So yes, hunting is very important to a lot of us Americans even still today, and that is exactly why we have put a lot of effort into this site and everything that we have going on with it because we understand that for the most part hunting is something that we all need to consider to be the type of sport that has some of the deepest roots of all sports in the world, and although it used to not be a sport way back when but a job and a way of life for everyone because having enough food to supply an entire family was really rough and in general impossible without hunting we definitely can consider our facts a little straighter and see that hunting is a really important part of American life. So what we are doing through this site and list of articles is talk about the best hunting catalogs and all of the best hunting equipment left on the market, and I think for the most all of us understand that hunting is the type of thing that is really fun and a lot of great quality time with you redneck family members and friends who are obsessed with it and they’ll teach you that what I am going to tell you about today is true because I’m about to tell you about the very best hunting equipment on the market right now.

So in terms of the best crossbow weapon that is out on the market right now, and of course cross bows in general are just really bad ass and are way cooler than guns, I think people should be thinking of the Stryker Solution, and this is the type of crossbow that will definitely kill an animal small or large if you hit it with the right type of arrow, preferably a poisonous one, and in the right spot on the body so that the animal will die eventually and you can find it after following its trail of blood throughout all of the woods. The would start with a tree removal technique and then build all of their weapons out of it. I think that of course this is something that we should all consider to be really important, and when it comes to this particular crossbow you know you are going to get pinpoint accuracy and just shoot the crap out of anything you set in your sights, which is exactly what is ideal for these types of weapons.

Now this is definitely a really cool piece of hunting equipment that a lot of people consider to be the prize pieces in a hunting catalog in general and that is ATVs and UTVs, and they are obviously really awesome just in general and they are definitely necessary if you need to be driving around in the woods and pick up and tow a dead animal out of the woods, and of course that an be pretty crazy if you don’t have the right type of ATV, but the Polaris Sportsman Ace is definitely the most epic ATV on the market right now and can literally handle anything you throw its way and that is why I think it is the best ATV in all the hunting catalog.

Safety Around Guns

When it comes to being an American I think that means there is a lot of responsibility in that statement, and if you really are trying to be the type of American that we want you to be then that means we are going to need to make sure that we are safe as a people and that means that we need as many guns as possible in our society so that the number of safe and freedom loving Americans who bring guns with them everywhere out numbers the terrorists that are always walking around on the streets of America without us even knowing that they are there, and trust us we know the terrorists are there because we have been paranoid enough about it for over 15 years and that means we are definitely correct in our assumptions that are facts now that terrorists live among us, and some of them really like hunting too.

Let’s just get a few things straight first though, and that is that all of these articles are all about hunting catalogs and which hunting equipment options are the best on the market right now and hopefully what this will be able to do for you is that is will allow for you as a hunter to start to get the right idea of what new equipment you are going to need then you will definitely have a good idea about how to improve your shot and of course kill more animals because that is exactly what hunting is all about and it is something that we should never take for granted because it is one America’s greatest past times and traditions and I don’t think anyone outside of the south wants to get rid of hunting just like everyone who lives down south, and of course when it comes to the Rocky Mountains and even up in places like Michigan the deer get really big and that is exactly the type of animal that we all want to mount on our walls and eat a bunch of for months at a time and that is what hunting is all about.

So let’s definitely help you out and tell you about some of the best hunting catalogs that are going to help you understand where to look for some of the best equipment in the industry, but of course we are also going to be talking about some of the best equipment that you would be able to find in any hunting catalog and thus be able to help your decision making process by making it much shorter and just telling you exactly what we think you should buy. So of course let’s get right into it without any more hesitation and let’s start talking about some of the best load that you can buy on the market, and you’ll definitely want to bust a load after reading about some of this load.

So the Winchester Long Beard XR is seriously some really good load that is going to make your shot a lot more accurate and it will definitely allow you to spray your buckshot just about everywhere in the direction of the bullet so it is almost like impossible of missing your target with a bullet like these.

These shot gun bullets are definitely really good for things like going wild turkey hunting, which I think is a lot of fun and could definitely be really tasty, and of course I think that for the most part these bullets are just really cool looking as well with a black shell and a gold trim, so you know they look bad as and kind of like the types of bullets that terrorists would use because they probably do use these bullets but you don’t have to use them for anything like that just shoot some animals with them. But yeah, it’s pretty good to be an American, and I think that for the most part all of our hunting catalogs and hunting equipment is the best in the entire world, and so we should be really proud of this and continue to go hunting as long as the NRA is around because who knows when these stupid liberals are going to ruin everything we have put our hard time and money into.

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Hunting a Ton!

When it comes to hunting there is a ton of different things that we can talk about because let’s be honest hunting isn’t necessarily the most politically correct sport out there, but I think for the most part we should try to consider the idea of hunting as a logical thing to do for a little while as we talk about some of the really cool equipment that has come out in recent years and has definitely changed the entire hunting game completely because that is exactly what happens when you go hunting.

When the new equipment comes out and it makes killing the animals a lot easier then you should definitely be the type of person who wants to get on it and get that new equipment because it will give you an advantage even more than you already had over a defenseless animal, and this means that people definitely need to start thinking about how they are affecting the world in general through their hunting habits, and of course since hunting is such a waiting game I think it is important for people to want to do some different things because they kind of know that when it comes to hunting you really have to be careful about how you go about doing things because hunting is a serious sport with serious weapons and that means if you are a serious hunter then you are definitely going to need some serious equipment, and that is exactly where we come in to help you out.

All of these blogs and articles are all about the best hunting catalogs and the best equipment that can help you out while you are on the hunt in the middle of the wilderness trying to take down that next big buck of a deer and then bring it back to your family, and of course if you are going to do something like this type of hunting then you are obviously going to need a serious rifle of some sorts to help you take down some animals and get some food for your family, so without any more hesitation let’s start talking about what is next on our list of the best hunting catalogs and best hunting equipment that money can buy.

So the next really epic rifle that we are going to talk about is the Ruger Red Label rifle, and I think that this is the type of shotgun that is definitely going to kill some animals because it is so powerful and definitely is really cool and old school looking as well. This is definitely a gentleman’s shotgun and it is not the type of shotgun that you put in your closet to protect your family from break ins and burglars because it is just too epic and deserves to be up in a hunting stand shooting ducks and deers and other animals that are alive and living just fine but deserve to be your family’s next big meal. There’s nothing better than bringing some great food home to your family, and that is exactly what you’ll be doing when you start using the Ruger Red Label shotgun because this thing seriously is a beast of a shotgun that everyone is going to want pretty soon so you should get on it and get one right away and I am sure that you will definitely think that this shotgun is the best on the market right now and will improve your hunting skills tremendously.

So we hope that you like using the Ruger Red Label and that is coincides with what you think is definitely some of the best hunting catalog equipment that money can buy, and I’m sure you will think like this when it comes down to it because we know and have tested this particular rifle and that means we know first hand just how awesome and easy it makes killing things and animals and I know that is exactly what you are looking for in terms of what you are doing with a big shotgun like this so please enjoy yourself, be safe, keep the safety on and don’t accidentally kill any children because that would be bad.

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Cult 45

So what we are doing throughout all of this site is talking about hunting, so if you don’t like hunting or you disagree with the ethics of hunting like some type of pansy boy then you should probably just leave this page right now, but if you are the type of man who has a back bone and likes to go hunting and shoot animals down dead then you are definitely in the right place because throughout all of these articles and throughout this site we are going to be talking about the best hunting catalogs and the best hunting equipment so that you can be sure that when you get out into the woods of whatever bumble butt town that you live in and you are about to kill that animal you won’t think twice about pulling the trigger and you’ll smile a big bright redneck smile because you shot down that animal and maybe they might run off for a couple minutes but you will be able to follow their blood stains and find them dead somewhere far off into the woods. Of course that means that you are going to need the right type of equipment because getting a dead deer out of the woods isn’t always easy, and in fact it rarely is ever easy and if it is easy then you probably shot a baby deer and that is not necessarily cool because I love the movie Bambi even though I like hunting deer but I still tear up every time I see that first five minutes and little Bambi is left for dead after his mother is shot in the head by a hunter, but of course it is perfectly fine to kill a fully grown mother deer just don’t kill the baby if you don’t have to and take it from me they don’t taste that good anyways.

So let’s talk about the best hunting equipment out on the market right now, and the first thing that we are going to be talking about is the Colt M2012 MT308T, and I am telling you right now boys and girls that this rifle is the type of gun that is every hunter’s dream gun. I mean it even looks like a Nazi rifle that they used during the Holocaust of the Jews so you know it is definitely really authentic and it definitely the type of gun that will be able to easily kill any animal that you are hunting, and of course you can always put on a scope attachment and then really be dangerous with your precision because that is how you are going to be able to really get some happy kills and just go wild in the woods wherever you are living. This gun has a huge 22 inch barrel that is for sure going to make sure that you are getting a ton of speed with your shots and that means that whatever gets in your sights is dead no matter who or what it is, and that is something that you sure as hell can count on. So if you are looking for a new rifle or big gun in general than this gun is definitely the type of gun that you are probably looking for and it will definitely improve your hunting game a lot and make sure that you are getting more and more ready to shoot some big game like down in Africa, which of course is what we all dream of doing here in the United States, but I guess only one day we’ll be so lucky to meet up with some poachers and shoot some awesome animals at some point in our lives, and when that day comes for me you’re sure as hell know I’ll be down there in Africa shooting lions and cheetahs and all sorts of animals. But for now I am stuck to shooting deer and other lame animals that kind of taste good up here in the states and I guess I’m content, especially when I’m shooting a gun like the Colt. So I mean if you know anything about anything in terms of hunting then you know this gun is kind of like the Peyton Manning of hunting rifles and is definitely our number one pick.


When it comes to hunting we all obviously have a bunch of fun and I just hate when all these damn liberals are trying to regulate the NRA because that’s a bunch of crap because I think all of us at the NRA know that we are fine gentlemen who love hunting and love having fun in the wilderness, so what’s next are the liberals going to regulate the girls and boy scouts groups?

They probably should with all the predator stuff happening in the boy scouts because they’re all gay and that is not cool at all no matter who you are, but for the most part I think that everyone who reads these articles knows that hunting is a way of life and it definitely is one of the most fascinating and fun things to do when you live in a boring area of the world in which there isn’t ever much going on and hunting is probably the most fun thing to do on a Saturday morning.

Now for the most part I would say this site isn’t for everybody, especially any whiny liberals, and that is why I am sure that the Republicans who love hunting will really appreciate these articles because what we are going to be talking about with these sites and within these blogs is the very best hunting catalogs in the world and how the best of the best equipment can really help you kill more animals, and that is exactly what we all want to do right?

The point of going hunting is to kill animals, and if you think you are just going to be able to go out in the middle of the wilderness and wait for a beautiful deer to come across you then you are definitely an idiot because deer and a bunch of other wild animals besides maybe ducks are really smart and you are going to need the right types of equipment and smarts to be able to out smart these animals. And I know you might be thinking that you are a human and a more intelligent species so your decision making is probably going to be fine in terms of out smarting an animals but the truth of the matter is that you probably aren’t the smartest human in the world so you should probably think about all of the best hunting catalogs out there so you can get all the help you can get because trust me when I say this: you’re going to need it.

So yes, what we are going to be talking about within these blogs is the best hunting equipment out on the market right now, and I think that you will definitely be really happy that you came to this site so you can throw down a bunch of your oil or inheritance money into one of these fine pieces of machinery and I think that when you are out in the wilderness you will definitely really care about how much you spent because it will be worth every penny when you dial in and kill that large animal that probably didn’t deserve to die but still you are going to kill it anyway because you don’t give a shit and that is the mentality of a true hunter, to kill and that is exactly what you will be doing very well of when you buy some of this equipment.

So go on and get out there and be the animal killing machine that you are because we all know that you need to get your daddy issues out through shooting a gun so go on out into the wilderness and do some dip and maybe drink some whiskey, but just remember to keep that safety on when you are pointing the gun at your friend sitting next to you in the deer stand.

The Best Hunting Catalog

I think that a lot of people all over the country and not just southerners really like to go hunting, and although hunting might seem like something that isn’t really nice for animals like deer I think that is just a bunch of crap because when it comes down to it humans used to have to hunt for their food all the time and that is how we survived so their shouldn’t be anything wrong with wanting to go hunt a wild deer or turkey or boar and then eating it with your family and celebrating the fact that you got a bunch of free food that didn’t cost you any money.

I think when hunters go out into the wilderness and do this they are actually doing a beautiful thing, but of course killing an animal is not for everyone, but that is exactly why these articles and blogs that you are about to read are not for weak liberals who think that everything should be fair and things like that. No, these articles are for Republicans and conservative people who definitely think they have the right to go out and kill innocent animals, and I think that if you are a Republican who likes to go hunting then you are definitely going to like these articles maybe even more than you like Donald Trump. And I know that Mr. Trump is definitely most likely the type of person you like the most in this world because he obviously is such a considerate person towards white people and not minorities, and that is just part of being a conservative because when it comes down to it fuck anyone who isn’t white, and if it flies it dies I don’t care what type of bird it is if I see a cool looking bird in season I am going to shoot the shit out of it and eat that shit for tomorrow’s breakfast.

That is the type of mentality you need to have to be a good hunter, and of course you need to really like guns and be good at shooting guns, so if you are the type of person who is really into hunting and shooting guns then you definitely have come to the right and racist spot online because we are going to be talking about all of the best hunting catalogs and all of the best rated hunting equipment that is going to help you out a lot the next time you are being stealthy out in the wilderness and you see that next really cool looking buck. Of course there is no telling what is going to happen in that moment but I really hope that you don’t fuck things up because when it comes down to it you are the type of person who needs to kill in order to get your daddy issues out of your mind or whatever it is, so I’m really happy to have you people here on this blog and I know that together we can get rid of all that bullshit liberal talk and start really making America the white and hunter ridden place full of guns and machine guns like it is supposed to be, and I think until we all have guns America won’t be great again, so get out there and check out some of these guns and other weapons that I think are the best for hunting and of course just having for protection when Trump becomes president and we all need to figure out what we are going to do when the next Civil War breaks out and the South rises again. I’m sure you’ll pick the right side when that happens, which is the South of course.

So the first thing that we are going to be talking about is the Legend L Series binoculars and I’m telling you that these would make the best Christmas present for yourself from your wife so definitely consider these because they will help you spot your next prey way before they have any idea you are in your hunting spot. They also can use infrared vision so you can see at night, and of course the is kind of cheating but who cares because if you can see the deer through these then it should be fair game to hunt them down and shoot some of those damn animals that deserve to die. So I hope you have a bunch of fun hunting this season and feel free to check out any more of these articles.






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